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Who We Are

Our Mother of Perpetual Help Catholic School in Ephrata, PA is a Catholic school dedicated to nurturing all that is Christ-like and good in our children. Offering instruction to children in preschool through eighth grade, OMPH strives to present an education that is rigorous and fully adequate to prepare our students for their future role in the world, while ensuring the strong spiritual formation of our youth in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith.

OMPH’s nurturing of children begins in the classroom but extends beyond the academics. The vision of administration, teachers, and staff is to embrace the education of the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.

Most important is the spiritual formation of our children, helping them to walk in and choose for themselves the path of Jesus Christ. Our religious education holds as its aim the development and acceptance of a mature Catholic faith. Our sacramental program directs the development of our children’s faith, while our faculty and staff give witness to Gospel values by their interaction within the school community. We strive to empower our children to claim for themselves a faith of hope, strength, and joy as a necessary foundation for living in our challenging world.

Recognizing that the mind is one of God’s most precious gifts and a significant factor in our children’s success in life, we strive for academic excellence by establishing high standards and maintaining a skilled teaching staff. Our children are encouraged to do challenging work and rise to meet that expectation. Early in the education process, our teachers emphasize good intellectual habits such as clarity, accuracy, thoroughness, and organization, while fostering creativity and a love of beauty through the fine arts.

It is also through the development of personal responsibility, discipline, kindness, and respect that we give witness to our faith. We expect our students to show courtesy and respect to the administration and staff as well as to each other. Maturation includes learning how to interact and relate to others on many levels, and our emphasis on character development aids in this process. Teachers guide their students to see the meaning behind rules so they understand that the decency and leadership that result from these social habits are necessary for living in the world as responsible citizens.

In addition, we recognize the importance of play, and we are proud of our curricular and extra-curricular activities that foster healthy bodies. Students at OMPH are encouraged to truly see their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and to treat them accordingly.

We strive to have the following four areas of education mutually reinforce and support one another, leading to a greater whole than the sum of the parts. In all that our goal is to set a firm foundation upon which our children may build successful and holy lives.

We encourage them to:

  1. live a life of spiritual depth and fulfillment;
  2. go on to succeed in the world and use their innate intellectual gifts;
  3. become productive and happy members of society; and
  4. care for the health of their bodies.

Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of children, we place great emphasis on the connection between home and school. Our parents are very dedicated and involved with our school and, as our children’s first teachers, continue to have an immeasurable role in their education. Parents volunteer their services in many capacities such as assisting in the library and in the classrooms, on field trips, at meetings, and at special gatherings.

OMPH is blessed with a long tradition of being a close-knit community founded by the Bernardine Sisters. Today the Redemptorist Priests, lay teachers, parents, parishioners, and students work together to nurture this bond by being faithful to the teachings of Jesus and building the community of God.