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Calendar of Events

There is always something going on at our parish!

View Our Calendar of Events!

* If you are experiencing an issue with viewing the calendar, please email omphcalendar@gmail.com, to receive a screen shot of a month, a date or a specific event.

To request that an event be posted to the calendar:

  1. View the calendar to verify if your desired timeslot is available. Please Note that the Parish Library and Parish Meeting Room 1 are not available during school hours.
  2. Complete and submit the Event Request Form
  3. A calendar administrator will respond within 1 week of receiving a request

If you have any questions, contact Rose Timmreck in the Parish Office at 717-733-9641.  Business hours are Mondays through Fridays 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  Rose will ensure your request is submitted to the Calendar Administrator for processing.


If your request conflicts with another event, it is the responsibility of each requester involved in the conflict to determine a resolution; however, we need to know the outcome.  The Calendar Administrator is not responsible for resolving conflicts.

Missing details will delay the process.  Help us help you by providing the necessary details (e.g., contact info, start time, end time, location).

This is a first come, first served* basis and priority** reservation system.  The sooner a request is received, the better the chance of obtaining your desired timeslots and locations.

*In rare instances, a NEEDS basis will take precedence over the standard First Come, First Served policy.  Every effort will be made to keep this scenario to a minimum.  The requesters involved in the scheduling conflict will be notified immediately so that the situation can be resolved in a timely manner.

**Church and School events may take precedence over other events.