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School Admissions Process

Our Mother of Perpetual Help School admits all students regardless of religion, race, sex, color, and national or ethnic origin, to all the rights and privileges, and programs in adherence to Diocesan Policies 5112 through 5112.6. All children, regardless of religious affiliation, are to attend Mass and religion classes.

Subject to the conditions and considerations set forth herein, a student will be accepted and enrolled after all pre-admission conditions and testing have been satisfactorily completed provided there is room in the class and the child has no academic, emotional, conduct, or disciplinary problem that would hinder his/her education at OMPH.

Families wishing to enroll for the upcoming school year are asked to submit all pre-admission forms beginning in January preceding the school year for which attendance is requested.  However, New Student Applications are accepted throughout the school year. While there are no cutoff dates for applications, there are deadline dates for most of OMPH financial aid options.

Age Requirements:

  • 3 years old by September 1st Preschool K-3
  • 4 years old by September 1st Preschool K-4
  • 5 years old by September 1st Kindergarten
  • 6 years old by September 1st Grade One (or completion of an approved Kindergarten program)

In accordance with Diocesan policies, OMPH has developed the following Wait List Priority Policy:

  1. Siblings of current students
  2. Students of families who are registered members of OMPH, St. James (Lititz), and Our Lady of Lourdes (New Holland) Parishes (or families who move into the area and register with these Parishes)
  3. Students of families who are registered members of other Catholic Parishes (or families who move into the area and register with a Catholic Parish)
  4. Non-Catholic students

Transfer Students:

Students who transfer from another school must arrange to provide copies of their academic records, health records, discipline record and other such records from their current school necessary to ensure their final acceptance to the OMPH Catholic School. A form for transfer of records is available from the school office.

Ordinarily and in line with best educational practices, students are not accepted as transfers into 8th grade. Consideration will be given to students who move into the area from outside our Catholic school service area, or who come from another Catholic school (pending circumstances and consultations).  Applications for 7th and 8th grade must be received by May 1st for consideration and adequate review for the upcoming school year.  It is OMPH policy that students applying for entry into the 7th or 8th grade MUST:

  • have no grade lower than a “C” in any subject (in the current or previous school year).
  • have no conduct comments of concern.
  • have no disciplinary records of concern (i.e. suspensions, expulsions).

Pre-admission Registration Procedures:

  1. The following are required for application/pre-admission.
  2. Prior to final acceptance and enrollment, students entering Grades 4-8 MUST:
    • meet with principal
    • student gives a written response to two questions:
      • Why is education important to you?
      • Why would you want to attend a Catholic School?

After application and pre-admission requirements are complete, teachers and principal will review the applicant’s information. At this time, the family will be notified of the student’s application status for enrollment (yes, no, or pending conditions).

Upon notice of acceptance and enrollment, formal registration must be finalized. The following must be completed before official enrollment is granted. Upon official enrollment, students will be considered for financial aid.

Official formal registration includes:

  • completing form requesting academic, discipline, and health records from previous school
  • submitting the non-refundable registration fee along with a completed OMPH registration form
  • providing copy of legal custody documentation (if applicable)
  • completed reservation/enrollment tuition agreement

*All students must have an immunization card with all immunizations documented as required by the PA Department of Education.

Note: Acceptance of all students is conditional upon a review of the student’s first four weeks of attendance at which time a parent conference may be required. New students are on probation for a period of one full school year. Failure to report accurately any child’s learning disability or similar concerns as well as other academic, conduct, discipline, or health records could result in the termination of the child’s enrollment.